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Biomet is a biotechnology company that offers information and services on various aspects of BioMetallurgy. We conduct research and provide support for the development of biomining practices.

Our services include providing information on biomining, bioxidation, biosorption, bioaccumulation and bioleaching etc. Our services are geared towards improving the standard of living of the people. For instance, biomining techniques tend to protect the environment through safe practices as against the conventional method.

What Is BioMetallurgy

BioMetallurgy refers to the biotechnological procedures that deal with relations between living organisms and metal compounds (including minerals). As the day goes by, there is a continuous need for the growth of green low-carbon energy technologies, which requires certain metals, majorly PGMs (platinum group metals) and REEs (Rare earth elements). In essence, biotechnology through BioMetallurgy offers solutions to the challenges faced during metal mining and production.

Elements of Future

Biomining, sometimes referred to as bioleaching, is the process of extracting metal from ore through the metabolism of microorganisms. It also involves obtaining metal compounds from hard drives and old mobile phones.

Space Station Experiment

It is a biomining trial on the extraction of REEs (rare earth experiment) in Mars Gravity and Microgravity. The experiment was carried out to run specific hypotheses on the process of biomining REEs’ through testing. The bioleaching process was conducted on a basaltic rock in microgravity and Mars gravity using three microorganisms and a reactor designed particularly for the purpose.

Bioleaching and BioMetallurgy

BioMetallurgy deals with several concepts, among which are Biosorption and Bioleaching. Bioleaching involves the use of microbes to obtain metals from low-valued minerals. The metals for which bioleaching could account are Nickel, Gold, Zinc, Copper, Uranium, Silver, and Cobalt.

Microbial Mystery

The microbial mystery concerns thoughts on what takes place in the heap, tank or dump. That is, how microorganisms react when breaking down chemical complexes. Also, there has not been any explanation for different approaches utilised by various microbes. While some microorganisms perform oxidation on the cell surface, others prefer it on the inside.

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Cleaning Up

Another function of biomining is known as Clean-up. One can utilise the processes of biomining to clean old and abandoned mines. The old mines often contain deposits of ore that was discarded for different reasons. Bioleaching occurs naturally with deposited old discovered mineral, which often has properties to pollute the environment. However, the processes of biomining ensure the safe extraction of metal without contaminating the environment.

Deeper Underground

It is no news that deposits are located in the soil; however, some are deposited in the deeper ground. Nonetheless, it requires hard labour using the conventional method. Underground mining refers to the specific methods of extracting different minerals, usually those that have metals such as Gold, Zinc, Cobalt, Nickel, Silver and Uranium. This procedure is not different from the extraction of other types of minerals.