Getting to Know Us

Biomet is a biotechnology company that offers information and services on various aspects of BioMetallurgy. We conduct research and provide support for the development of biomining practices.

Our services include providing information on biomining, bioxidation, biosorption, bioaccumulation and bioleaching etc. Our services are geared towards improving the standard of living of the people. For instance, biomining techniques tend to protect the environment through safe practices as against the conventional method.

Our company employs first-class professionals and environmental experts to conduct adequate research on various aspects of metallurgy and investigate the future of biomining. We are passionate, dedicated, committed and disciplined. We connect with other researchers in the same field from time to time and create partnerships. These partnerships have resulted in formulations of various innovations and ideas.

In essence, we nurture and encourage professional capabilities. Biomet is built on a solid foundation based on certain principles and values, which are:


We research to adopt innovations that would improve a particular process’s status quo in any aspect of metallurgy. Our creative minds formulate unique research strategies based on new technologies that offer ease, flexibility, speed and is less costly to achieve.

Responsibility and Reliability

We are responsible for all our content on this blog and pledge that all information is duly researched and accurate. We can be relied upon at all times.

Quality Service

Our principal objective is to serve the community using our knowledge and expertise in the area of mining.


Our principle is to become better at what we do. We want the best services for you and therefore strive daily to satisfy you.


Our information is accurate, up-to-date, and we follow up and engage our audience. Your feedback helps us to grow and become better.

Safe Environment

A safe environment is the ultimate goal of biotechnology. Biomining involves safe practices that cause no harm to society. Hence, we promote activities that comply with green technology in addition to organic waste management practices.


We are a team of credible individuals who are disciplined and trained to offer the best customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading research group in metallurgy with a continuous desire to resolve conflicts in the area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to commit passionately to the improvements and development of society through new technologies formulated by biotechnology, especially as it relates to mining.

Our Objectives

Our objectives include promoting biomining as an alternative to the conventional method of extraction, maintaining a safe mining environment and resolving conflicts generating from mining processes or research.

Scope of Our Operation


It is a branch of BioMetallurgy and has several variants. It is one of the most used forms of mining and is very useful in maintaining a safe and protective environment and also suitable for various mining conditions. Bioleaching is an organic and affordable procedure that provides different ways to obtain metals from minerals.


Bioxidation is a mining process that uses microbes to collect metals from ores, but unlike bioleaching, it gathers metals in a solid-state. Although both methods involve oxidation, the latter (bioxidation) is leached away from the ore.